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Jul 12th 2015, 20:30 in Citizenship
What are the requirements for receiving the Armenian citizenship?


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Jul 12th 2015, 20:31
Every person can request for the citizenship of Republic of Armenia, if s/he:
1) has lived in Republic of Armenia during last three years according to the legislation,
2) can be explained in Armenian language,
3) is familiar to the Constitution of Republic of Armenia.

The Armenian Republic’s citizenship can be easily granted to the people who are of the Armenian nationality. For those people we can help to get the Armenian Republic’s citizenship without above mentioned three points.
A person who is getting the Armenian Republic’s citizenship shall take an oath (text is written in the law of citizenship of RA) and sign under the text of it.

The person who is of the Armenian nationality shall submit (according to the Government’s 1390-N decision, November 23, 2007):
- an application to the President of RA,
- passport and it’s copy,
- 6 photos of 35 x 45 mm size,
- Certificate of birth and it’s copy,
- A document confirming nationality /his/her parent’s certificate of birth or other document confirming nationality/,
- A document confirming the payment of State fee (1000 AMD according to the Law of State fee).

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