Business priorities

Jul 10th 2015, 12:44 in Business Law
What do you consider unique to those doing business in the Republic of Armenia?


Law Firm

ELL Partnership CJSC

Jul 10th 2015, 12:45
Armenia has a comparative economic advantage over its neighbours in terms of labor, technology as well as stable banking system and world wide web of Armenian businesspeople scattered in the world financial centers. Easy access to credit, high tolerance towards foreign investors and effective tax system coupled with the general factors of production mentioned above make both starting new business projects and managing them relatively smoothly.

Taron Simonyan

Jul 10th 2015, 12:47
This paves the way for Armenia to become a true emerging regional financial center down the road. Hence, there are numerous opportunities to make profits in the long run in some sectors such as financial services, IT, tourism, mining, agriculture etc.

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