Copyright Policy

What is the Copyright policy

The Copyright policy is a system of rules related to the terms of use of intellectual property both owned by this website and its users and/or unauthorized guests. It mainly consists of the legal norms prescribed in Civil Code and other normative acts of the Republic of Armenia as well as of international law rules. It is dedicated to the proper security of the intellectual property placed in this website.


Who is obliged to obey this policy?

Every user and unauthorized guest as well as the website itself is obliged to obey the terms of copyright policy.


What is the outcome when One does not obey the copyright policy?

In case the user, unauthorized guest or website violates the terms of Copyright policy he/she will care responsibility in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Armenia and International law rules. For user(s) and unauthorized guest(s) it also means the rejection of access to the account and immediate termination of any contractual relations between user and website.


The notification in case of violation of Copyright policy.

The notifications are welcomed but not mandatiory for website. In case website hase violated any of copyright policy's rules the user(s) and/or unauthorized guest(s) must notify the website within three days after he/she is informed about such violation. The notification may be sent using the contact information mentioned in this website.