Damages Policy

When damages policy works?

All of our users are obliged to obey the terms of use and privacy policy of our website. In case if any of our users violates that obligation(s) he must cover all of the damages that were caused to website owner and/or other users. All the particular conditions must be found out and underlined in every specific case.


Who are obliged to cover the damages?

The violation may take place both by the users and unauthorized guests, who are also obliged to obey our terms of use and privacy policy. Anyway the person(s) (user and/or unauthorized guest) participial and/or guilty in causing the damages to the website's owner and/or user(s) must cover any inconveniences and/or lose of victim(s).


Which damages must be covered?

Only material damages, including any expenses arisen from such damages, must be covered by the person(s) who caused those damages. Damages caused by violating the terms of protection of Intellectual Property must also be covered in accordence with the Armenian legislation, as well as International law rules. 


How are the damages covered?

All the damages must be covered in accordance with the Civil Code of Armenia. Notice this obligation includes damages prescribed in Article 411 of Civil Code of Armenia.