Jul 10th 2015, 12:53 in Employment Law
Are any terms implied into employment contracts in Armenia?



Taron Simonyan

Jul 10th 2015, 12:59
The employment contract must be in accordance with the imperative norms of the current legislation.
According to the Labor Code of RA the following conditions must be included in the employment contract:
- the name/surname of the worker (his/her father’s name as well (optional)),
- the name of the company or the name and surname of the physical entity (his/her father’s name as well (optional)),
- the structural subdivision (where available),
- the year, month and date of the beginning of the work,
- the name of the position and/or official duties,
- the amount of basic salary and its determination form,
- the supplements, additional payments, premiums, etc, granted to employees in the prescribed manner,
- validity period of the employment contract (upon necessity),
- by the parties’ agreement the duration of the probation,
- the worktime duration where incomplete working time is set.
Also, employment contract includes the date (day, month and year) and the location of concluding the Contract. By the consent of the parties other information also can be included.

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