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Jul 10th 2015, 13:13 in Employment Law
Are there restrictions on working hours in Armenia?


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Jul 10th 2015, 13:14
The duration of working time cannot exceed 40 hours per week.
The daily period of work must not exceed 8 working hours, except for the cases provided by the Labor code, by other laws, other normative legal acts and the collective agreement.
Maximum work duration including the overtime work cannot exceed 12 hours daily (including the breaks for rest and meal), and it cannot exceed 48 hours weekly.
The duration of working time of employees’ specific categories (healthcare organisations working on an uninterrupted shift basis, guardianship (custody) organizations and organizations specialized in the supply of electricity, gas, heating, etc.) may amount to 24 hours a day. The duration of working time of such employees must not exceed 48 hours weekly, and the rest time period between working days must not be shorter than 24 hours. The list of such jobs is defined by the Government of the Republic of Armenia.
The duration (including breaks for the rest and lunches) of employee’s the daily working time, who has two or more employment contracts with the same employer or with different employers, cannot exceed 12 hours daily.
The shorter working time is set as follows:
1)24 hours per week for employees aged 14‐16,
2)36 hours per week for employees aged 16‐18,
3) For the employees, who work in an environment where it is not possible to reduce the allowed level of harmful factors to the level defined by legal acts on safety and health of employees due to technical or other reasons, not more than 36 working hours weekly are determined.
For employees performing work, which involves heavy mental and emotional strain, the order and conditions of the shortened working hours are determined by law, collective or employment agreements.

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