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Oct 29th 2015, 13:08 in Admission to Practice
Dear Law Firm,I have a fearly common problem among the Armenian population living in foreign countrys.I have lived almost my whole live in the Netherlands. I would like to apply for my citizenship next year. The Dutch authoitieas demands a valid passport.Since my passport is expired, I need to get a new passport. The Embassy in The Hague refuses me to give me an new passport since I have to show them "zinvorakan grkuyq''. The certificate of the fullfilment of my service, as I understood.What I need now is formal letter or clarification, wich state why the Armenian authorities refuses my apply for a new passport.What are my possibilities?I also speak Armenian, feel free to contact me anytime.Sincerely,Spartak



Gevorg Tumanov

Aug 9th 2017, 12:01
Dear Spartak,
It is a common problem for all the Armenian citizens living abroad, however, it can be resolved. In order to settle your issue we need more information, therefore please contact us at
Thank you!

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