Notification policy

When One may get a notification?

In case if user has violated the terms of use on any of our policies he may get a notification. The meaning of such notification is to warn you about violation and inform that in case of futher violations you may lose your account or permission to access your data. However, notifiing about violation is not our obligation, it is an act of good faith. You may get a notification also, but not limited, in cases when the day of payment for any package has expired or the terms of payment have not been observed. The obligation of payment does not depend on such notification.


Who may get a notification?

Notification may be sent both to the users of our website and to the anauthorized guests.


How One  can get a notification?

Notification may be sent both to the user's and/or unauthorized guest's e-mail address archived by website and to the phone numbers given by user and/or unauthorized guest. Paper based notifications may also be practiced. The website also may use other forms and terms of notification.


When is recipient considered to be notified?

The recipient is considered to be notified from the moment the message is delivered to a proper e-mail address and/or phone number or the paper based notification feedback is received.